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vNetwork Infrastructure
§Cabling, Cable Wiring UTP, Fiber, Cable Management
§LAN Switching
§WAN Routing
§Wireless Infrastructure
Wireless LAN
Point to Point
Hotspot Gateway


Defend Solutions, Police, Military, Security 
vCabling and Physical Layer
vNetwork Monitoring and Management
vLoad Balance
vGPS Network Time Server and Analog and Digital Network Clock
vOptical and Copper Media Converter
vDigital Signage
vWar/Peace and conference Room
vNetwork Tapping
vRaised Floor
vRack and Cabinet
vFire Suppression
vHVAC and Cooling System
vCable Management
vData Center Environment Monitoring
vData Center Security
§Access Control
§Alert Systems and emergency messaging system
Storage Encryption
Microsoft Right Management (Azure)
Link Encryption
Host Security Module (HSM)
Network Access Control(NAC)
IP Access Management(IPAM) and DHCP
Data Loss Prevention
IP Surveillance and Video Content Analysis 
End Point Security (Anti-Virus and Endpoint Protection)
Virtual Private Network(VPN)
Site to Site

Client to Site 





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